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Personalised Family Hands Print

Personalised Family Hands Print

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Please read the descriptions and check delivery times before ordering :)

A gorgeous personalised family hands print which can include a dog paw too! You can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 little hands to be grasping the adult hands and can add black, white, dark or light brown paws too.

Each hand or paw has a name beside it, please add this into the personalisation box from left of the print to right.

For example:

2 adult hands = Mum and Dad
3 kids hands from left to right, Arlo, Jess and Jake.
Dog Paw Dark Brown - Bella

The design is printed onto A4 high quality 250gsm glossy photo card and will fit inside any frame suitable to hold an A4 print.

A beautiful print to display in your family home.

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